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We will plant a tree

for every client we explore the glaciers with!

A gift to the planet, the power of a single tree. The first step is always the hardest, that's why Heading North will take the first step with you, on the glacier and on the path towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

1. Every minute man destroys forest area equal to 50 football fields.

2. Trees store carbon, so cutting and burning wood releases that carbon into the atmosphere and accounts to about 15% of the greenhouse gasses.

3. Trees are not only good at storing carbon but are also vital part of most animals habitat.

4. 50% of all terrestrial plants and animals live in rain forests.

5. Trees are earths oldest living things

6. Tree rings not only tell us the age of the tree but they also help scientists understand our climate better as they revile past changes in climate, even volcanic eruptions.

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