If we don't keep our promise

We won't keep your money!

We understand that when looking at booking a glacier adventure experience it can be hard to really know what you are booking or what to expect. That is why we decided to be crystal clear with that we offer and what you should expect. This is our promise, and if we don't fulfill our promise, we don't keep your money.

1. The photographs you see on our  booking page are of the caves we operate in currently. Often companies may use images of previous ice caves from previous seasons, or even ice caves which no longer exist. So when you book with us we can guarantee that that is the place you will visit.

2. It is true that glaciers and ice caves in particular change often, and sometime they become unaccesible due bad weather or other environmental circumstances. Of course we plan for this and have other caves as a backup, however, we promise to tell you before the tour of any changes in the tour plan and we promise to give you the option of choosing to joining us on the alternative tour or to receive a full refund.

3. We have an option to book a private tour, or a small group tour. As promised those tours are small and the maximum passengers we will take per tour is 6. This means no big buses.

4. Our tours depart earlier than most other companies so that we can often avoid large crowds, but of course we cannot promise that we will be completely alone, even thought often our clients are able to explore the glacial wonder in privacy.

5. You will see blue ice! This one needs no explanation.

If you believe that we have not been true to our word and we have not fulfilled one of our 5 promises, email us at info@headingnorth.is and let us know where you think we went wrong, if it's true and we have not kept our promise you will receive a 100% refund.